Success Stories

Protestors gather in Calgary despite hostility, August 28, 2021.

When the Alberta decided to suspend all covid-19 testing in August of 2021 prior to an unprecedented and crushing fourth wave, citizens were unsurprisingly deeply concerned.

For over two weeks protestors and activists in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and all over the province made their feelings on the matter clear. It played out on social media as #TestTraceIsolate took over, even reaching a WHO list.

Alberta hadn’t seen such consistent protests since the 1930’s.

This was our organizations’ first foray into boosting campaigns and stressed our resources to the limit. By operating with representatives in multiple cities and gratuitously applying sound equipment we were able to make their voices heard. Counter protestors proved a challenge, employing physical assault, verbal abuse (not appropriate for public consumption), and targeted harassment. Despite hot days and hostility, people cared enough to show up.

Finally, after a combination of public pressure and mounting case numbers the provincial administration reversed course, albeit with significant limitations that would contribute to the final toll.

It was a hard time to be an Albertan, but we’re a stubborn bunch.

When the government stalled out, Protect our Province stepped up.

In August 2021 Albertans found themselves in the precarious position of facing an oncoming wave of the Delta variant while the premier and CMOH disappeared from public sight.

Despite this, a small but growing team of doctors, health practitioners, engineers, and activists worked in their off hours to present reliable, life-saving information to the public.

They did this of course, for free.

Using what leverage we had, we assisted in forms including fundraising, broadcasting software, and occasional technical support.

Undoubtedly this team would have succeeded without us, but we are glad to have been a part of it.

Check them out at

Harm reduction advocates gather, including subscribers of the Bear Clan street patrol and Boots on Ground. August 31, 2021.

With overdose deaths in the province crushingly high, Overdose Awareness Day needed the due attention. A march started at city hall and ended at the Alberta Legislature.

Groups present included the Bear Clan and Boots On Ground response groups, as well as the Moms Stop The Harm advocacy represented by Petra Schultz.

There is so much more work this deserves.

A wide cross-section of Alberta shows up to find resolve in the never-ending climate struggle, Sept 8th, 2021.

The September 8th climate action group, organized by Edmonton Climate Action.

With various guest speakers, including subscribers of the Indigenous community.

Only the good trouble. November, 2021.

Inspired by the ever-present construction going on at the Alberta Legislature grounds, the AAC acquired a high-powered projector.

With crowd-sourced messages in hand we got to a little mischief.

Many thanks to Friends of Medicare and Moms Stop The Harm for your invaluable messages.

AAC President Albert Nobbs, photo by David Bloom /Postmedia

With temperatures plunging province-wide and the Omicron variant utterly out of control, marginalized communities are being left out of the equation when it comes to improved PPE. We feel that cost and availability should not be prohibitive to the protection these devices can afford. In combination with Protect Our Province, the Alberta Activist Collective began the the Mask Equity Alberta initiative with the intention of raising $25,000 towards a commercial purchase of Canadian-made n95 mask. This was organized through the Canadian Organization of PPE Manufacturers (CAPPEM) and is still ongoing!