Programs & Services

Bear Clan YEG Partnership
  • Supply acquisitions
  • Transport
  • Promotion

We do not charge Bear Clan Patrol for our current level of service. We depend on the support of our subscribership to keep us helpful!

AAC providing much-needed logistical support for Bear Clan Patrol.
The Collective Broadcast Network for users
  • When important events and rallies happen, be in the know!
  • No social media access or app required.
  • Safe, secure, anonymous.
  • Ad-free; revenue helps equip organizers!
  • Click here to find out more!
The Collective Broadcast Network for organizers
  • Join a growing community of good-faith activists!
  • Submit your mass-texts and get them sent to whole geographic areas!
  • Grow your exposure and get more people to events!
  • Email to find out more.
No sound system? No problem!
  • High-quality public address systems
  • High-intensity digital projection available¬†
  • Remote electrical solutions
  • Megaphones, microphones, etc.
  • Available in the Edmonton and Calgary area!
  • Email to find out more!
Digital Media Services
  • Press releases
  • Broadcasting services
  • Media relations
Have a unique challenge? We are prepared.