The Collective Broadcast Network And You

Hate missing out?
Can’t stand social media commentary?
Want to get local event details while you help equip grassroots organizers?
Want to do it all while staying anonymous?
We’re here to help!
How it works:
  1. You sign up here, at the Alberta Activist Collective. Find the button below!
  2. Your phone number and postal code joins our secure database.
  3. Authenticate for $20 per year, or email us at for free access for individuals of low-income and harm reduction workers!
  4. Then, when an event appears nearby, our system sends you a text message notification. No social media, apps, or messy comments sections.
  5. Got an organization? Great! We can generate a code for your members for easier access. Once fully authenticated, organizers can send out their own notifications to create local events that go beyond just their own user base and reach every AAC user in a geographic area!
  6. The bigger we get, the more awesome becomes possible.
Protestors in soldarity with the Wet'suwet'en activists gather in Edmonton on Nov 22, 2021.
Where does the money go?

Every dollar of revenue generated from our service is used for the operation and augmentation of the Alberta Activist Collective, an Alberta-based non-profit organization. With our launch we are committing to comprehensive disclosure of expenses twice a year.

Organizers can call on us for their equipment needs and find solutions that are either outrageously low-cost or entirely free to access!

As our member base grows, physical services in Alberta unlock! Everything from sound systems, vehicles, staffing, printing, studio and planning space, to storage depots. Also included are plans for physical supports for street teams such as the Edmonton Water Warriors, Boots on Ground, and Bear Clan Patrol.

At 2000 members we will create a permanent presence in Calgary.

At 5000 members we will open our first physical depot for equipment requisition.

By 15,000 members we will have a vehicle, staffer, and full suite of equipment in both Calgary AND Edmonton.

So this isn’t just a service to the individual user. With every member we get stronger, and our ability to empower expands! You can be there with us, and help us grow.


Join the Alberta Activist Collective.

Because resistance IS awesome.