The Alberta Activist Collective.
Resistance is awesome.

Mission: To enable healthy political discourse and civic engagement, challenge toxic rhetoric that distracts and misleads, and remove barriers to access by supplying resources, facilitating connection, and mutual aid for Alberta activist groups.


We Started Here

And this is where we are now.  

Living through what is undoubtedly the most disruptive period of our lives, the global COVID-19 pandemic was made doubly challenging in Alberta by cuts to public services at the hands of the UCP government, and their willingness to gamble with our lives and livelihoods. We are weary from loss of work, loss of life, loss of faith and bad governance, and we are tired of hearing that our families do not matter; that Alberta should accept this because we chose it. We did not.   

The clock is ticking and there are too many issues colliding at once to choose between them. By connecting, empowering, equipping and amplifying, we are working to build a safe and caring community and bolster the public voice in Alberta’s political sphere. Join the collective, because resistance is awesome.  

What we do: 

-A dedicated sms (text) service notifying subscribers of important events in their area.

-Equipment access in the Greater Edmonton and Calgary areas for group public address.

-Social media platforming.


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"One of the worst parts of the pandemic is it keeps the good people busy or out of sight and the destructive in trouble in plain view."

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