Financial Disclosures

Service Revenue

Subscriptions to Collective Broadcast Network

Raised: $6547.62 (Jan 1. 2022)
Wages Paid: $1680.00
Outreach Paid: $416.25

Protect Our Province

Translation fees, broadcasting software, web hosting, etc.

Raised: $10,813.27
Paid: $10,813.27

Mask Equity Alberta

Purchase orders, shipping, transport, delivery, outreach.

Raised: $26,383.1
Paid: $23,657.78
Reserve: $2,725.32

Street-Level Assistance

Fundraising on behalf of individuals in acute need.

Raised: $2200
Paid: $2200

Only thanks to your participation was any of this possible. We at the AAC are humbled by your trust.

We are honoured to serve.

Albert Nobbs