Who Are We?

A "temporary art display" in the form of one star for every Albertan lost to covid-19. May 3, 2021

Being a conscientious Albertan in the spring and summer of 2021 was a challenging time.

I know it. I listened. We all lived it.

There is a very particular kind of anger that was resonating out of people. It’s the kind of anger you get when a bad-faith government saddles its people with a moral weight, only to blame them for it.

We’ve had bad governments before. But never have we seen such intense propaganda campaigns covering government inaction and outright cruelty.

Finding an outlet was hard when a pandemic emboldens the most destructive in our society while it keeps the good people at home. So we started small. By myself at first it was small acts of civil disobedience. However it became pretty clear to me within a couple of days that people were really into this.

At first I was just expressing myself, but as people came to participate I realized how universal this need to do in the face of such a bad-faith administration really was. On top of that, there were so many groups whose fundamental needs overlapped.

We all deserve good government. Good faith administration and an engaged people are the keys to a healthy democracy. We’ve lost the former completely and have an only tenuous grip on the latter.

That’s where the Alberta Activist Collective comes in.

How many groups need hardware to get themselves heard? How many of them talk to each-other? How can we improve their ability to get turnout? All those questions led us to answers we are already implementing.

  • With the help of our technical director we’ve built a proprietary notification system useable by any respectable organization in the province.
  • With the help of our communications director we are making connections and maintaining relationships.
  • With the help of our subscribers we get the funding for equipment that makes for hard-hitting events.

We’re not just any non-profit. We are an organization whose strength directly is proportional to our subscribership. Every Albertan who comes aboard grows and empowers us further.

Every subscriber makes our sound louder.

Our messages, brighter.

Our reach, further.

So don’t just come aboard. Bring your friends.


Albert Nobbs

President, Alberta Activist Collective